PRI Governance

Upcoming meetings
  • 25 & 26 February 2016 – Tokyo
  • 20 & 21 June 2016 – London
  • 5 September 2015 – Singapore

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Commencing on 1 April 2015 the PRI Association is governed by the PRI Association Board (the Board) as set out in the Articles of Association of PRI Association. The Board is collectively responsible for the long-term success of the PRI Initiative and in particular for establishing the PRI’s mission, vision and values; setting the strategy, risk appetite and structure; delegating the implementation of the strategy to the PRI Association Executive (the Executive); monitoring the Executive’s performance against the strategy; exercising accountability to signatories and being responsible to relevant stakeholders.

The Board is composed of: one independent Chair, confirmed by a signatory vote; and ten Directors*, seven elected by asset owner signatories, two by investment manager signatories and one by service provider signatories. The Chair and all elected Directors are the Statutory Members of the Company. There are two Permanent UN Advisors to the Board, representatives from the PRI’s founding UN partners: UN Global Compact and UNEP Finance Initiative. A number of committees have been formed to facilitate the workings of the Board (see Committees).

Rules, Policies and Terms of Reference

These documents, referred to in the Articles, enshrine the procedures and practicalities required to give effect to each
Article in more detail. The Board approved the following Rules, Policies and Terms of Reference in June 2015, following signatory consultation:

*On the date of the adoption of the new Articles, the former PRI Advisory Council representatives became Directors on the new PRI Board and will serve the remainder of their original elected term. Under this scenario, the new PRI Board will achieve its targeted composition in January 2017.