PRI Governance

The Initiative has established a management and governance framework with documented processes and guidelines to make decisions that create long-term value for signatories and the Initiative.  Today, this framework comprises a 16-person PRI Advisory Council (Council), made up of two permanent members from the United Nations, 13 elected representatives from all categories of signatory and regions of the world and an elected Chair, and a seven-person PRIA Board (Board), supported by several Committees.Signatories and other stakeholders can learn more about PRI governance by reviewing this overview document, which outlines the key decision-making bodies and processes of the Initiative, outlines their roles and responsibilities and answers some of signatories’ most frequently asked questionsThe PRI’s financial and legal affairs had until 2010 been run from the Foundation for the Global Compact, based in New York. As a result of PRI’s growth and increased operational activity in the UK, PRI Association was established in the UK to house the initiative.

Upcoming meetings
Advisory Council 5 & 6 March 2015, New YorkIf you would like to raise issues for the consideration of the Advisory Council or Board please email


PRI Association is a company limited by guarantee (a not-for-profit) with its directors appointed by the PRI Advisory Council.

PRI Advisory Council (Council)

A representative 16-person Advisory Council determines the strategic direction of the PRI and provides oversight of the Initiative. Asset owner members of the Council and the Chair appoint the Board.

Number of Advisory Council members: 16, made up of nine asset owners, four non-asset owners, two UN representatives and a Chair.Frequency: Meets in person two to three times annually.Term: The elected members serve terms of three years with a maximum of three consecutive terms. Additional terms can be served following a one year break from the Council.Elected by signatories via rolling annual elections. Signatories vote for candidates in their category. UN representatives are permanent members.  The Chair is appointed by the 13 elected members of the Council.
PRI Association Board (Board)

The legal, fiduciary board of PRI Association oversees the activities of the Secretariat.

Number of Board members: At least seven with the requisite skills, with a policy to have a majority of asset owner representatives, and the Chair.Frequency:  Meets in person three to four times annually and by teleconference a further four times.Term: Three years, subject to an annual performance review by the asset owner members of the Council.Appointed by a majority vote of the asset owner members of the Council and the Chair, based on advice from a Nominations committee, following an assessment of skills and availability.
PRI Secretariat

Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Initiative and the execution of its strategy.

Management Structure: Executive Committee made up of a Managing Director, Director of Policy and Research and Director of Finance and Operations.The Managing Director reports to the Board.