Five standing committees have been constituted to facilitate the workings of the Board. Each committee’s remit, delegated powers and responsibilities will be set out in heir respective terms of reference. These will be formally agreed at the first in person Board meeting in June and afterwards posted on the PRI website.

Each committee will report annually on its activities in the Signatory General Meeting (SGM) papers and present a summary at the SGM itself. If you have any questions on the roles of the committees or would like to raise an issue with a committee chair email:


Ethics committee

The committee is responsible for overseeing the values, ethics and good reputation of the Company, including matters related to the PRI Association Board Code of Ethics (Code of Ethics) and ethical issues in general related to the Company.

Committee members: Geeta Aiyer, Marcel Barros, Niels Erik Petersen (Chair)


Finance, Audit and Risk committee

The committee’s purpose is to provide assurance to the Board as to the veracity of the financial statements, the efficacy of risk management and the strength and appropriateness of control processes across the PRI Association.

Committee members: Mark Chaloner, Colin Melvin (Chair), and Priya Mathur


Human Resources and Remuneration committee

The role of the committee is to support the Board in ensuring that the human resources (HR) and remuneration arrangements support the strategic aims of the PRI Association and enable the recruitment, motivation and retention of staff while complying with the requirements of regulatory and governance bodies, satisfying the expectations of its members and remaining consistent with the expectations of the wider target employee population.

Committee members: Renosi Mokate (Chair), Daniel Simard, and Eric Wetlaufer


Signatory and Stakeholder Engagement committee

The committee’s purpose is to provide guidance and recommendations to the Board and Executive on signatory and stakeholder engagement including: signatory status and categorisation; the active participation of signatories in PRI activities and work streams; the effective communication to signatories; outreach to prospective signatories; and effective partnerships with key stakeholders. The committee will develop an annual work program, which is aligned with the PRI strategy and within the committee purpose and duties, for approval by the Board.

Committee members: David Atkin (Chair), Renosi Mokate, Gavin Power, Daniel Simard, and Peter Webster


Skills, Diversity and Elections committee

The committee’s purpose is to provide guidance and recommendations to the Board on the measures to promote a Board with the appropriate skills and expertise for the Board as a whole to carry out its duties effectively, and the measures to promote diversity on the Board. The committee will also support the board in overseeing the election process.

Committee members: Geeta Aiyer, Priya Mathur, Luciane Ribeiro, Martin Skancke (Chair), Peter Webster