Advisory Council committees

Governance Committee: The Governance Committee reviews best practice Board governance trends for their applicability to the PRI Association; reviews and updates the Company’s governance principles, policies and practices; potentially consults with PRI signatories regarding the governance of the Company; ensures transparency to the PRI’s signatories regarding the governance of the Company; and reviews and advises on any governance matter submitted for its consideration by the Advisory Council. The Ethics Committee is a sub-committee of the Governance Committee and enforces the PRI Code of Ethics, which constitutes rules made by the Directors of PRI Association pursuant to Article 41 of PRI Association’s Articles of Association. Terms of Reference

Members: Marcel Barros, Priya Mathur (Chair), Colin Melvin, Niels Erik Petersen, Gavin Power, Daniel Simard and Eric Wetlaufer.

Nominations Committee: The Nominations Committee oversees a formal, rigorous and transparent procedure for the appointment of new directors to the PRI Association Board. Terms of Reference

Members: David Atkin, Colin Melvin, Gavin Power and Daniel Simard.

Election Oversight Committee: The Election Oversight Committee provides oversight of the annual Advisory Council election process and is tasked with guiding the strategic development of diversity throughout the governing bodies of the PRI Initiative. Terms of Reference

Members: David Atkin (Chair), Martin Skancke, Daniel Simard and Peter Webster.

Board committees

Audit and Risk Committee (ARC): ARC provides assurance to the PRI Association Board as to the veracity of the financial statements, the efficacy of risk management and the strength and appropriateness of control processes across the PRI Association. Terms of Reference

Members: Christopher Ailman, Priya Mathur and David Russell (Chair).

Signatory Status Committee: The Signatory Status Committee oversees all matters relating to the status of PRI signatories, potential signatories and other organisations in relation to the categories set out in the Articles of Association, Administrative Rules and other categories. Terms of Reference

Members: Christopher Ailman, David Russell, Martin Skancke and Daniel Simard.

Remuneration Committee: The Remuneration Committee ensures that remuneration arrangements support the strategic aims of the PRI Association and enable the recruitment, motivation and retention of staff while complying with the requirements of regulatory and governance bodies, satisfying the expectations of its members and remaining consistent with the expectations of the wider target employee population. Terms of Reference

Members: David Atkin, Else Bos (Chair) and Martin Skancke.