How signatories can get involved

As a signatory-based organisation, signatories are encouraged to participate actively in all areas of PRI governance, and there are regular opportunities for signatories in all categories to do so.

Signatories can:

Nominate to join the Council (to be eligible for election, signatory representatives must be at CEO, CIO, board, or trustee level, and from the same category of signatory as the Council seat being vacated that year).
Vote for their preferred representative during the annual Council elections.
Join one of the many steering committees operating within each work stream (including for Investor Engagements, Policy, Reporting and Assessment and Implementation Support).
Attend the annual Signatory General Meeting to raise matters with members of the Council, Board and Executive team.
Email to raise issues for the consideration of the Advisory Council or Board. If you have feedback or suggestions on the PRI work plan or 2015-18 strategy, you can email them to and we will respond accordingly.