PRI financial information


The PRI Initiative is funded primarily via an annual membership fee payable by all signatories. Additional funding comes from institutional grants from governments, foundations and international organisations. Corporate sponsorship is sought for standalone events such as the PRI’s annual event, PRI in Person, and in-kind support from signatories and other generous contributors also supports the successful delivery of our strategy and work programme. The PRI receives no funding from the United Nations.

Associated Entities

Stichting RI

Stichting RI was established in 2012 as an independent not-for-profit Dutch-registered charitable foundation. It has a legal and fiduciary Board that oversee its activities and its directors are appointed by a majority vote of the PRI Advisory Council. Its primary purpose is to attract grants from foundations or other organisations. Unlike PRI Association, which is classified as a membership organisation, Stichting RI exists for the public benefit and its work is aligned with the PRI’s mission, Principles and work streams such as the Academic Network.

During the year, its focus was to promote research on responsible investment and it contributed to the Academic Network conference Asia-Pacific Forum:Investing for sustainable long-term returns in the Aisa-Pacific Region, hosted by the PRI, National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Asia-Pacific Responsible Investment Forum in Singapore on 20 November 2013. The Stichting has a dedicated website where additional information can be found.

PRI Enterprises

PRI Enterprises was incorporated in November 2013 as a subsidiary of the PRI Association. It was created to act as a vehicle for any future activity of PRI Association that may be commercial in nature. PRI Enterprises also houses the PRI Academy which was acquired in September 2014.

Fee schedule 2014/15

The annual signatory fee is scaled depending on signatory category, fund size and type:


Investor signatories

Service provider signatories

(US$ billions)
Current fee
Employees Current fee
>10 7,495 > 200 7,495
5 – 9.99 5,680 51 – 200 5,680
1 – 4.99 2,615 26 – 50 2,615
0.1 – .99 755 11 – 25 755
0 – .099 415 < 10 415

In line with previous commitments, the PRI Advisory Council has agreed to cap the rise in the annual signatory fee in 2014/15 to a level broadly in line with inflation in the UK, where the majority of the PRI’s operations and staff are based. Please note the annual signatory fee is non-refundable.   

The PRI is currently undergoing a consultation with signatories regarding the 2015-18 strategic plan and funding model. Proposed fee levels for 2015 – 16 can be found here.