PRI financial information



The PRI Initiative is funded primarily via an annual membership fee payable by all signatories. Additional funding comes from institutional grants from governments, foundations and international organisations. Corporate sponsorship is sought for standalone events such as the PRI’s annual event, PRI in Person, and in-kind support from signatories and other generous contributors also supports the successful delivery of our strategy and work programme. The PRI receives no funding from the United Nations.


Fee schedule 2014/15

 The annual signatory fee is scaled depending on signatory category, fund size and type:


Investor signatories


Service provider signatories

(US$ billions)
Current fee 
Employees Current fee 
>10 7,495 > 200 7,495
5 – 9.99 5,680 51 – 200 5,680
1 – 4.99 2,615 26 – 50 2,615
0.1 – .99 755 11 – 25 755
0 – .099 415 < 10 415

In line with previous commitments, the PRI Advisory Council has agreed to cap the rise in the annual signatory fee in 2014/15 to a level broadly in line with inflation in the UK, where the majority of the PRI’s operations and staff are based. Please note the annual signatory fee is non-refundable.   

The PRI is currently reviewing its longer term funding needs as it begins to develop its next 3-year strategic plan, which will begin in 2015. Further information about the PRI’s funding requirements and fee levels for future years will be communicated to signatories in late-2014 once this review is complete.