How we can help

RI Practitioners and Academics

  • Academic Network Academic Conference – The annual PRI Academic Network conference is a great opportunity for RI professionals to get in contact with leading academics in the area of Responsible Investment. In keynote sessions, seminars and workshops professionals can learn about the recent developments in RI academic research, as well as discuss academic results and suggest new topics for academic research. The conference is a unique opportunity to learn about cutting edge responsible investment research before it becomes common.
  • Enhancing Research Impact – The Academic Network promotes high quality research in the area of responsible investment. This provides academics with the unique opportunity to present their academic research to other leading academics, professionals, and policy.
  • Supporting Information Access – The key target of the Academic Network is to bring academics, industry professionals and policy makers together in order to foster relevant research in the area. As part of these efforts the Academic Network acts as an intermediate between organisations that would like to provide data access for academic research and the academics.
  • Funded Research Awards – The Academic Network is proud of its annual research awards: The two prizes are awarded to the best submission and the best PhD submission at the Academic Network conference. The awards help to promote cutting edge research and provide a contribution for further research.