The PRI Academic Network would like to facilitate as many opportunities as possible to showcase responsible investment research and help develop a professional career within the responsible investment sector. If you would like to contribute to this page, send an email to academic@unpri.org


Students and young professionals

  • NetImpact  – A student and professional organisation designed to encourage education and investment in sustainable business practices
  • oikos – An international student organization that promotes education and entrepreneurship in fields related to sustainability.
  • Green Buzz Zurich – Network of young professionals based in Zurich
  • SRI Connect Where sustainable companies meet responsible investors

Research Networks

  • Sustainable Investment Research Platform -A network of researchers who are committed to find out how sustainable investment practices can create added value for institutional investors and identify barriers to mainstreaming such practices. 
  • Initiative for Responsible Investment – A platform for dialogue on fundamental issues and theories underlying the ability of financial markets to promote wealth creation across asset classes, while creating a stronger society and a healthier environment. The IRI accomplishes its mission by holding conferences, promoting research and taking practical action around issues of importance to the responsible investment community. 

Partnership Networks

Professional development

PRI Residencies

  • The PRI can host students and researchers for periods of 2-6 months. They will benefit from being at the centre of debates on responsible investment and may have the opportunity to conduct research on important data sites. Candidates must be working on projects which are of direct relevance to the PRI Academic Research agenda and must demonstrate that they will complete their projects in a reasonable period of time. Please contact academic@unpri.org  for more information.

Recruitment Agencies

  • Acre Resources – The recruitment agency for the PRI Secretariat
  • Lifeworth – A job bank for sustainability careers

Job Boards