AN members' recommendations

The PRI Academic Network listserv recently asked its members “What are the best books on responsible investment?”. The list below was generated in the following discussion:

Authors/Editors Title Publisher Date
Bazerman, Max & Michael Watkins Predictable Surprises: the Disasters You Should Have Seen Coming and How to Avoid Them Harvard Business School 2008
Braungart, Michael & William McDonaugh Cradle to Cradle: Re-Making the Way We Make Things Vintage 2009
Coates, John The Hour between Dog and Wolf: Risk-Taking, Gut Feelings and the Psychology of Boom and Bust Fourth Estate 2012
Cohan, William Money and Power – How Goldman Sachs Came to Rule the World Doubleday 2011
Donovan, Paul & Julie Hudson From Red to Green? How the Financial Credit Crunch Could Bankrupt the Environment Earthscan 2011
Drucker, Peter The Pension Fund Revolution Transaction 1995
Ebeling, Richard ed. The Austrian Theory of the Trade Cycle Downloadable 1996
Fox, Justin The Myth of the Rational Market: A History of Risk, Reward and Delusion on Wall Street Harper Business 2009
Galbraith, Kenneth The Economics of Innocent Fraud Penguin 2004
Galbraith, Kenneth A Short History of Financial Euphoria Penguin 1993
Haque, Umair The New Capitalist Manifesto: Building a Disruptively Better Business Harvard Business School 2011
Hawley, Peter & Andrew Williams The Rise of Fiduciary Capitalism: How Institutional Investors Can Make Corporate America More Democratic Pennsylvania UP 2000
Hebb, Tessa ed. The Next Generation of Responsible Investing Springer 2012
Ho, Karen Liquidated: An Ethnography of Wall Street Duke UP 2009
Kiernan, Matthew Investing in a Sustainable World: Why Green is the New Color of Money on Wall Street AMACOM 2008
Krosinsky, Cary A Short Guide to Sustainable Investing (ebook) Do Sustainability 2013
Krosinsky, Cary & Nick Robins eds. Sustainable Investing: The Art of Long Term Performance Earthscan 2008
Krosinsky, Cary & Steve Viederman eds.  Evolutions in Sustainable Investing: Strategies, Funds & Thought Leadership Wiley 2011
Lewis, Michael The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine Penguin 2011
Malthus, Thomas An Essay on the Principle of Population Various 1826 (6th ed)
Martin, Roger Fixing the Game: Bubbles, Crashes, and What Capitalism Can Learn from the NFL Harvard Business School 2011
Marx, Karl Das Kapital Various 1867-1894
Meadows, Donella et al Limits to Growth: the 30-Year Update Chelsea Green 2004
Mercer Climate Change Scenarios – Implications for Strategic Asset Allocation Downloadable 2011
Mises, Kudwig von Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth Downloadable 1920/1990
North, Gary Honest Money: The Bblical Blueprint for Money and Banking Downloadable 1986/2005
Richardson Ben Socially Responsible Investment Law: Regulating the Unseen Polluters Oxford UP 2008
Rubino, John Clean Money: Picking Winners in the Green Tech Boom Wiley 2009
Schiller, Robert Finance and the Good Society Princeton UP 2012
Schumpeter, Joseph Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy Various 1950 (3rd ed)
Silver, Nate The Signal and the Noise: the Art and Science of Prediction Allen Lane 2012
Sorkin, Andrew Ross Too Big to Fail – Inside the Battle to Save Wall Street Penguin 2010
Staub-Bisang, Mirjam Sustainable Investing for Institutional Investors: Risk, Regulations and Strategies Wiley Finance 2012
Stern, Nicholas The Economics of Climate Change Cambridge UP 2007
Sullivan, Rory & Craig Mackenzie Responsible Investing Greenleaf 2011
Tett, Gillian Fool’s Gold: How Unrestrained Greed Corrupted a Dream, Shattered Global Markets and Unleashed a Catastrophe Abacus 2010
Vandekerckhove, Wim, et al. eds.  Responsible Investment in Times of Turmoil Springer 2011