CH engagement snapshot

The PRI Clearinghouse is a unique global platform for collaborative engagement initiatives. It provides PRI signatories with a private forum to pool resources, share information, enhance influence and engage with companies, stakeholders, policymakers and other actors in the investment value chain on environmental, social and corporate governance issues across different sectors and regions. The vision of the Clearinghouse is to foster sustainable long-term value creation through collaboration, benefiting the environment and society as a whole.

Close to 500 PRI signatories have been involved in at least one collaborative initiative since the platform was launched at the end of 2006, and close to 600 collaborative proposals have been posted. While invitations to collaborate are usually posted by asset owners or investment managers, all PRI signatories can be involved in collaborative proxy voting and engagement activities thereby increasing their power and legitimacy when exercising their ownership rights to promote responsible business and long-term value creation.

While many collaborative engagements posted through the Clearinghouse are led by PRI signatories, the PRI Secretariat also directly coordinates a number of collaborative engagements through the Investor Engagements team. To see an interactive map showcasing a global range of collaborative engagements, please click here.

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