Steering Committee

Investor Engagements Steering Committee members as of March 2014:

  • John Howchin (Chair), Ethical Council
  • Francois Meloche, B√Ętirente
  • Hans-Christoph Hirt, Hermes Fund Managers Limited
  • Ian Quigley, Qube Investment Management Inc.
  • Jean-Philippe Rouchon, ERAFP – French public service additional pension scheme
  • Karin Halliday, AMP Capital Investors
  • Mariela Vargova, Rockefeller Asset Management
  • Matthias Beer, F&C Asset Management
  • Matthias Narr, Robeco
  • Mike Lombardo, Calvert Investments
  • Sara Nordbrand, Church of Sweden

For further details, contact Alison Biscoe.