RI Knowledge Database (beta)

The RI Knowledge Database is a platform consisting of two parts designed to increase the availability of relevant resources and increase the knowledge base of Responsible Investment:

  • The RI Resources section contains categorised summaries of a variety of publications regarding Responsible Investment. Each entry in the database is tagged with a number of its content attributes, allowing the user to search through resources based on their unique requirements and to subscribe to new resources that are relevant to their own topical interests.
  • The Member Hub provides the user with the opportunity to interact with the Responsible Investment community through forum discussions. It is possible to directly copy a list of resources from RI Resources to the Member Hub to discuss cutting-edge topics.

The full database will be released to the public shortly. To access the beta version of the RI Knowledge Database, please click here. For any feedback please contact the PRI Academic Network.

How-to Guide

You can download a PDF of the How-to Guide here: How-to guide to the RI Knowledge Platform.PDF or find instructions below:

Log in:

PRI Homepage > Areas of Work > Academic Network > (left side bar) RI Knowledge Database > follow the link in the text to the Database > (left side bar) RI Knowledge Platform > enter username (usually your first and second name spelled as one word but capitalized) and password > you are now logged in!

If you are not using a shared computer, you can tick ‘Remember me’ below the password box in order to be automatically logged in at your next visit.


If you are not yet registered, follow the steps to log in as laid out above to get to the login page. Instead of logging in follow the ‘create an account’ link above the username box.

Enter the required fields, then enter the text you see distorted at the bottom of the left hand column into the box above.

You can subscribe to tags now if you wish. You will also be able to add and edit your tag subscriptions later.

Click the ‘Complete. Sign up.’ button at the bottom of the right hand column.

Edit your profile:

When logged in, click on ‘RI Knowledge Platform’ at the top of the left hand side bar > Manage Profile.

This takes you to the page where you can edit your tag subscriptions, the frequency of tag subscription update emails, your user groups, name etc.

To change your avatar click on the ‘change avatar’ button and choose a file from your drive, then click ‘upload image’.

Edit Email and Password:

When logged in, click on ‘RI Knowledge Platform’ at the top of the left hand side bar > Manage Settings > General. Here you can enter your new email and password, then click ‘save changes’.

Change Notification Settings:

When logged in, click on ‘RI Knowledge Platform’ at the top of the left hand side bar > Manage Settings > Notifications. Here you can change notification settings related to messages, groups and contacts.

Use Advanced Search:

On the PRIAN Knowledge Database Homepage click on the type of resource you would like to search for: RI Resources/ RI Training Courses/ RI Academic Courses. A drop down menu will appear. Click ‘Search’ > Advanced Search (right from the search box in the middle of the window).

A list of search criteria will appear, with tick boxes. Tick boxes next to the search criteria you would like to search by. Then enter your search terms into the search boxes or select options from drop down menus. When ready, click ‘Search’ button at the bottom.

Use Search History:

Perform a search. Tick the boxes next to the resources you would like to be able to link to as a subset of your search results.

Above your search results, there is a memory disc icon – click on ‘Save’ next to it. A pop up window will appear where you will be asked to name your search result history for further reference.

To retrieve the search history, go to > RI Knowledge Platform > My Search History. You can copy and paste the link into a new tab to see the resources which you ticked as a subset of your original search results.

You can also click on ‘Search again’ to view all the results. You can then tick boxes next to more resources and save the search again to amend the static link.

Upload a resource:

On the PRIAN Knowledge Database homepage, click on the type of resource you would like to upload on the left sidebar. A drop down menu will appear: click on ‘upload’.

If you are uploading to the general ‘RI Resource’ type, you will be asked to select a category for your resource. Please select a category which best describes the nature of your resource. Clicking on a category will take you to the upload page.

Depending on the resource category, you will be asked to complete a number of mandatory fields, marked in orange.

For the larger drop down menus, begin typing your entry and wait for the system to retrieve it from the drop down list, then click on it to enter it. If your desired entry is not on the list and the possibility exists, you can write it in the box below and click on the ‘Add Option’ button next to it, then again select it from the updated drop down list.

On the right sidebar, type tags to be added to your resource, or select from a list of most popular tags.

Also on the right sidebar, select the user groups you would like to be able to see and download your resource. If you do not select any user groups, the resource will be visible to all users.

On the right sidebar there is a ‘Publish’ button that will publish your resource directly if you have the relevant permissions, or ‘Submit for Review’ to submit it for approval by an admin. You can save your entry as a draft should you want to amend it later. You can also preview your entry before submitting.


Should you have any further questions or difficulties please do not hesitate to contact: