Environmental and social themed investing


Kurt Morriesen


Implementation Support Senior Manager

The Environmental and Social Themed Investing (E&S) Work Stream covers investments in areas such as clean technology (including renewable energy, waste and water management, sustainable forestry and agriculture), inclusive finance and products and services to support global health. In short, the work stream covers investments that can generate positive environmental and social impacts while producing attractive financial returns. Recognising global mega trends, such as climate change and loss of biodiversity, and proactively seeking investment opportunities which offer solutions to these issues can be part of responsible investment practice.

About the work stream

The aim of the work stream is to explore how environmental and social themed investments can form part of a well-performing portfolio, their wider connection to a sustainable global financial system and how they can benefit the environment and the society as a whole. To deliver this goal, the work stream supports signatories to explore investment opportunities that deliver positive environmental and social impact within a fiduciary and market-return context.

For additional information regarding the PRI Initiative’s work in inclusive finance, please visit the Principles for Investors in Inclusive Finance page.