Listed equity

The responsible investment discipline in listed equity has been a growing issue for investors, regulators and society in recent years. Despite this, there are a number of challenges that investors face in integrating ESG into investment decisions and in accessing material information from listed companies.

About the work stream

Support for implementing responsible investment within listed equities has been part of the PRI since its inception. Assistance has taken many forms over the years, including webinars, PRI in Practice articles, case studies, research reports, guidance documents and events. PRI signatories have the opportunity to participate in working group projects and contribute to the development of resources for listed equity investors.

Get involved

The PRI convened a working group in September 2011 to explore the integration of ESG issues in listed equity. In response to demand from signatories for more transparency and guidance, the working group focused on how to integrate ESG information into the fundamental equity value of companies. A report filled with industry-leading case studies was published in February 2013, accompanied by guidance for asset owners on integrating ESG into manager selection agreements and monitoring. See Integrated Analysis for more information.