The first PRI country network was launched in November 2008 in Brazil in response to signatory demand. Since then, the Initiative has established networks in Africa, South Korea, Japan, AustraliaGermany and the US. Each PRI Network is supported by a dedicated network manager who works with the PRI Secretariat in London to:

  • support implementation of the Principles by signatories in a local context;
  • provide a platform for signatories to share ideas and best practices and facilitate networking and collaboration;
  • consolidate understanding of common challenges – with a focus on local / regional issues;
  • encourage new and existing signatories to get involved in PRI activities in other regions;
  • raise awareness about responsible investment and recruit new signatories;
  • engage with local companies and policymakers collectively on specific ESG issues; and
  • provide intelligence to the PRI Secretariat on the issues and challenges facing local signatories.