Continental Europe Network

The Germany network was established in 2010,  and transitioned to a regional approach serving Continental Europe (including Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria) in 2013. The network is one of the most rapidly developing networks within the PRI. More information on the new Continental Europe network will be available soon. 

Germany Network (2010-2013)

While there is growing interest in responsible investment in Germany, a challenges remains with language barriers and a lack of legislation. To tackle this, and to provide investors with information and support in a local language on how to implement the Principles, the German Network has been involved in a number of projects, including:

  • Cooperation with the German Ministry of the Environment to publish the PRI Guidelines for the German market in a local language.
  • Partnership with the Nachhaltigkeitskodex and the IRCC in Germany to encourage ESG issues to be factored into market regulation and requirements.
  • Partnership with the Global Compact German Network and European Bond Commission to include ESG criteria for the bond market in Germany.

Current working groups include:

  • Awareness Working Group

    Focused on raising awareness about the materiality of ESG issues for investment processes among asset owners, investment managers and service providers in Germany.

  • Recruitment and Engagement Working Group

    Focused on engagement opportunities in the German market and the recruitment of new signatories.


Dustin Neuneyer


European Network Manager


Melanie Klebeck


German Network Representative