Nordic Network

All signatories based in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are invited to participate in the PRI Nordic Network. The Network collaborates closely with local Social Investment Forums (SweSIF, DanSIF, NorSIF and FinSIF) to deliver the content of the PRI meetings and consult on strategic direction of the Network. 

The Network has held one signatory meeting per year around the annual meeting of Social Investment Forums since 2010:

  • The upcoming meeting on 14 January 2014 will be held in Helsinki and will address signatories’ questions about Reporting Framework and Implementation support working groups. 
  • Another meeting will be held in May 2014 and will be organised in line with the Nordic SIFs annual meeting. 
  • For more detail on the past meetings see PRI signatory extranet.

There are currently no working groups dedicated to Nordic activities within the Network but Nordic signatories are active members of working groups and steering committees across the PRI Initiative. 


Yulia Sofronova


Networks Officer