What is inclusive finance?

Inclusive finance includes but is not limited to microfinance. It focuses on expanding access to affordable and responsible financial products and services by poor and vulnerable populations. This also includes organisations that are often unable to gain access to financial products and services such as micro- and small-enterprises. A wide range of financial products and services are incorporated within the remit of inclusive finance including savings, credit, insurance, remittances, and payments.

To help retailers and investors navigate the various responsible investment in microfinance initiatives, a joint industry effort has resulted in the following map of responsible investment initiatives in microfinance. The map focuses on initiatives that are encouraging client protection and/or a social commitment, separating them by the audience for which they are designed: 1) retailers (MFIs), 2) direct investors and Microfinance Investment Vehicle (MIV) managers, and 3) indirect investors. An accompanying summary of each of the mapped initiatives is available here.