Policy and Research


Helene Winch


Director of Policy and Research


Will Martindale


Policy and Research Manager

The PRI Initiative has been developing its approach to policy and research since the PRI Advisory Council approved the strategy as a priority in March 2012. Following a formal signatory consultation, face-to-face meetings, webinars and the recruitment of a new Director with policy and investment expertise in an asset owner environment, the final work plan for the PRI Policy and Research work stream was approved by the PRI Advisory Council in September 2013.

Two major projects to encourage long-term responsible investment have been approved for 2013-15:

  • Project 1 – Operationalising long-term responsible investment mandates: This project will involve groups of PRI signatories implementing measures to build responsible, long-term investment approaches into manager appointment and reappointment processes. The project will attempt to assess the impacts of these measures on the signatories and their agents, and on ESG and investment performance. It will also explore the role of benchmarks and incentive structures.
  • Project 2- Policy frameworks for long-term responsible investment: This project will involve establishing a research and collaboration platform for PRI signatories to engage with policy makers on the creation of enabling policy environments for long-term responsible investment. This project aims to include analysis of the various regulatory structures of retirement savings and pensions (e.g. defined benefit (DB), defined contribution (DC)) and their impact on long-term responsible investment approaches.

 A third stream will see the PRI actively collaborate with other third party initiatives focused on encouraging long-term responsible investment. 

The PRI will set up a steering committee to help guide the work plan going forward. More information can be found below in the Terms of Reference and Steering Committee application form. A number of thematic, regional and asset class specific working groups may also be established over time.