Reporting outputs

Outputs you can use

Responses to the Reporting Framework are used to generate a number of outputs:

RI Transparency Report

This report shows signatory responses to all of the mandatory indicators in the Reporting Framework, as well as responses to voluntary indicators that the signatory has agreed to make public. These reports enhance transparency and encourage dialogue with signatories’ clients and beneficiaries. For the 2014/15 reporting cycle, signatory specific RI Transparency Reports are now public.

While completing the Reporting Framework has always been a mandatory requirement for PRI signatories, public disclosure was optional until 2013. Signatories who elected to make their reporting public are organised here by reporting year:

Assessment Report

This report, which will remain confidential between the PRI and signatories, will demonstrate how a signatory has progressed in its implementation of the Principles year-on-year and relative to peers across asset classes. A mock assessment report can be found here

Following signatory consultation, a number of changes have been made to the Assessment Methodology for 2015. The changes and feedback are summarised here. The updated PRI Assessment Methodology and Indicator Level Methodology documents will be released in June 2015 when the Assessment Reports become available. 


PRI Report on Progress

The PRI Report on Progress showcases the progress and activities of the signatory base as a whole, aggregating responses from signatories with practical case studies to illustrate their activities. Previous Reports on Progress can be found below. Please note that as 2012 was a pilot year for the Reporting Framework, there is no Report on Progress for that year.