Environmental and Social Risk Analysis (ESRA) training programme

A course brought to you by UNEP FI and the INCAE Business School through the Ecobanking Project and GIZ.

The ESRA Training Programme aims to educate employees of local, regional and international financial institutions with a focus on emerging markets in the identification, analysis and management of environmental and social risks generated through their lending and investment activities.

The ESRA Training Programme is made up of four distinct trainings:

 1.    Introductory Workshop

 Since 2005, the ESRA Workshops have been held in more than 40 countries, in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

  • Target audience: 20-30 risk managers and analysts in corporate, investment and retail banking with little or no knowledge/experience in ESRA
  • Activities: business case intro, case studies, group work, peer-to peer learning
  • Duration: one day
  • Frequency: on demand only (sector-wide or in-house for UNEP FI Members)

Further information can be found here

 2.    Online Course

Since 2006, the ESRA Online course has been run over 50 times, in Spanish, English and French.

  • Target Audience: 20-30 risk managers, and analysts in commercial, corporate, investment and retail banking in, or dealing with, developing countries and emerging markets
  • Activities: case studies, exercises, readings, discussion forums & final essay
  • Duration: 3 weeks
  • Frequency: one course per quarter/language + on demand
  • Cost: 600-850USD / person depending on profile 
  • Upcoming Courses in 2014:
    • Spanish – 5 May to 23 May
    • English – 2 June to 20 June
    • Spanish – 25 August to 12 September
    • English – 1 September to 19 September
    • Spanish – 27 October to 14 November
    • English – 10 November to 28 November
The dates of the ESRA Online Course in French will be determined soon. 

Further information can be found here.  

 3.    Lab Workshop

 Launched in 2009, held in Latin America & Australasia (Spanish, English).

  •  Target audience: focused on representatives with a clear mandate within their institutions to carry out the analysis of environmental and social risks, and who are already familiarized with the basics of this practice
  • Special features: real-time online research (risk lab), credit committee simulation
  • Duration: one and a half days
  • Frequency: on demand only (sector-wide or in-house)

 Further information can be found here

4.    Advanced Workshop

Launched in June 2013 in Australia.

  • Target audience: risk managers and analysts, investment officers, portfolio and relationship managers, working in commercial banks across types of finance (project finance, corporate finance, middle market/SME, trade finance)
  • Activities: case study and group work, peer-to-peer, finance-to corporate learning
  • Duration: one day
  • Frequency: on demand only (sector-wide or in-house)
Further information can be found here.

More information on the ESRA Training Programme is available online.