PRI Japan Network seminar

The PRI Japan Network will host a seminar on Responsible Investment in Osaka on the afternoon of 4 March.

The agenda will include discussion of the following topics below:

  • ‘Responsible investment that PRI promotes’ by Ms. Michiyo Morisawa, Japan Network Director, PRI Secretariat 
  • ‘Why ESG investment?’ by Mr. Teruo Katsura, Advisor, Compliance Officer, Pension Fund Association
  • ‘Implementing ESG investment’ by Mr. Hiroichi Yagi, Managing Director, Secom Corporate Pension Fund
  • ‘Corporate analysis from an ESG perspective’ by Ms. Minako Takaba, ESG Research Senior Analyst, MSCI
  • ‘The impacts of ESG in private equities and how to implement it’ by Mr. Shunsuke Tanahashi,President and CEO, Ark Alternative Advisors
  • ‘What is ESG Investment?’ by Mr. Yuuichiro Hanyuu, Asset Management Business Planning Division, Resona Bank
  • ‘Integration activities by the PRI Japan Network’ by Mr. Jiro Nakano, Director of Equity Research Group at Nikko Asset Management and Chairman of the PRI Japan Network

For more information please contact Michiyo Morisawa.