PRI Reporting and Assessment briefing for service providers

In preparation for the launch of the new Reporting Framework in October 2013, this briefing session by the PRI’s Reporting and Assessment team will give service providers information on the process and content of  the new PRI Reporting Framework  to enable support to signatories in the reporting and assessment process.

Since different service providers focus on different areas of the reporting process, we will hold separate sessions so you can decide to join those most relevant for your area of work.

The agenda is presented in London time and we will provide a recording of the sessions for those who can not attend due to time zone differences.

Date: Tuesday 10 September 2013

10:00-11:30 General overview of the Reporting and Assessment process– timelines, requirements, outputs and where service providers may fit in. This session will also cover the Organisational Overview and the Overarching Approach modules and how answering specific indicators triggers different sections in the framework. This session is recommended to all service providers

11:30- 12:30  Selection Appointment and Monitoring of external managers Module for signatories with indirect investments.  This session is recommended for asset consultants.

13:00 -14:00 Listed Equity Active Ownership Module– Covering the definitions for Engagements and Proxy Voting as they need to be reported in the framework. This session is recommended for Proxy voting and engagements services providers.

14:15- 15:15 Listed Equity Incorporation Module– this session is recommended for data providers. 

15:30- 16:00 concluding Q&A

To register click here and further details will be sent to you in due course (This is an event for signatories to the PRI only).