PRI webinar: Implementing the Principles in fixed income

Fixed income is the world’s largest asset class, it makes up over a third of pension fund assets globally. It is the steady foundation of any well diversified portfolio. Despite this, many investors remain unaware of lurking ESG risks, like social unrest or water scarcity, which threaten core portfolio value.

Significant interest from signatories has prompted the PRI to produce a guidance document on implementation of the Principles in corporate and sovereign debt investments. Mid-way through this project, we will present our initial findings and ask the audience to share their thoughts on diverse questions including:

  • How are signatories incorporating ESG in fixed income decision making?
  • Are there differences between ESG incorporation in fixed income and equity investments?
  • How can bond managers benefit from responsible investment?
  • Are bondholders being active stewards of their fixed income investments?
  • Should ESG analysis account for bond duration? How?


Join us on Thursday 22 May 2014, 1500 – 1600 BST, to participate in this important discussion.

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Speakers to be confirmed.