Sustainable business and investment in the global context: rights, risks and responsibilities

Location: Beijing, China

This event was co-organized by the UN Global Compact Network China, Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management, Principles for Responsible Investment Secretariat, Global Compact Office and Global Business Initiative on Human Rights.

The event brought together Chinese and international business leaders, along with investors, to share good practices and experiences related to companies’ global operations, with particular attention to investing and doing business in high-risk contexts and to how companies should respect human rights.

Please note that in addition to the main event, there were opportunities for PRI signatories to meet with Chinese companies on the sidelines of the event. The PRI Secretariat was working closely with colleagues from the UN Global Compact China, and other local co-organising partners, to organise these.


16 April: Business executives conference: Sustainable business and investment in the global context: rights, risks and responsibilities

9.00am to 4.15pm

  • Session 1: Dialogue on the evolving context, expectations and recent developments
  • Session 2: Corporate experiences and responses in addressing business risk and social impacts
  • Session 3: Responsible business and investment in high-risk areas (Including launch of GCO-PRI guidance on responsible business in conflict-affected and high-risk areas: a resource for companies and investors)
  • Session 4: Closing remarks and reflections

17 April: Roundtable for practitioners – risk management and human rights

9.00am – 1.30pm

Building on the previous day’s high-level discussions on the global context of ‘rights, risks, and responsibilities’, this full day session is an opportunity for businesspeople to enter into working sessions with corporate counterparts, from diverse industries and a diversity of corporate functions. Through deeper dialogue and discussions, participants will explore some of the business management systems and processes, methodologies, tools and resources available to manage human rights impacts and risks.

More information

Please use the following links for a detailed agenda of the 16 April event and 17 April event.

The event was open to all PRI signatories.   For further information, please contact Erin Court, Manager, Social Issue Engagements, PRI at