Signatory Partners

The PRI would like to thank the following partners for providing support:


RepRisk RepRisk runs the most comprehensive database on environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks. As such, RepRisk systematically collects and analyzes negative incidents, criticism, and controversies related to companies and projects worldwide. It does so on a daily basis and in 14 languages from thousands of public sources including international and local media, government sites, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), newsletters and blogs.The RepRisk database currently includes information on over 39,500 companies, 9,500 projects, 6,500 NGOs and 5,500 governmental bodies. These numbers are continuously growing as relevant ESG information is added.
Natural Assets is a digital magazine, launching Dec 1, that promotes responsible investment in the resource sectors: Agriculture, Energy, Forestry, Metals/Mining, Water, Conservation. The website covers these sectors with 3 features:

  • Global Directory: The most complete listing of resource stakeholders
  • Fund Tracker: Monthly summaries of leading public & private resource funds
  • Insights: Reports & Opinions from leaders in finance, industry, government & NGOs.

Meeting the world’s needs for food, energy, water and basic materials is the greatest challenge and investment opportunity of our time. Please contact us to share your insights and activities.

Vigeo Founded in 2002 and led by Nicole Notat, Vigeo is the leading European agency in evaluating corporate responsibility through six domains: environment, human rights, human resources, community involvement, business behavior, and corporate governance.
Vigeo Rating’s research meets high quality standards and has been externally certified to the Arista standard since 2009, a quality standard for SRI research.
Vigeo is present in Paris, Casablanca, Brussels, Milan, London, Tokyo and Santiago of Chile and has more than 120 employees.