ESG Finance Week

Financial Analytics for ESG Professionals      

26 – 28 June 2013               

Attendance Fee £2, 250

This three-day programme is aimed at ESG and CSR professionals looking to develop their theoretical and practical finance knowledge to achieve more professionally relevant market understanding. Over three days, the course will guide participants through the essential concepts, techniques and tools that are currently being employed by financial professionals and responsible investors.

The course examines how institutional investors operate, their active and passive investment strategies, direct and indirect valuation models including DCFs in selecting investee companies, risk and return, and the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM). Through a combination of academic and professional trainers, the course will link financial analytics to ESG issues to provide participants with a rounded, rigorous and relevant perspective on both

ESG Finance Lab: IP²: Inspiring Presentations for Innovative People

29– 30 June 2013                                                 

Attendance Fee: Free

The recent ‘TED’ phenomenon has shown the importance of blue-skies thinking in our digitalized and globalized world. Given the right platform, individuals with smart, collaborative ideas can instigate change at a relatively low cost. We aim to be a part of this process in the ESG finance world by creating a forum for inspiring ideas to be communicated and debated amongst like-minded people: the ESG Finance Lab.

The ESG Finance Lab aims to offer ‘Inspiring Presentations for Innovative People’. Many excellent speakers will be presenting original ideas and analyses to get the creative mind-juices flowing around the sustainable finance theme and collaboratively create true ESG thought leadership. The high density of passionate and creative minds makes this summer weekend in St Andrews a uniquely exciting experience

ESG Analytics for Financial Professionals

1 – 3 July 2013                                                        

Attendance Fee: £2,250

This three-day programme is aimed at finance professionals that need to increase their knowledge about ESG developments among institutional investors and to better understand risk and return issues through the consideration of ESG factors in investment processes. While many finance professionals are used to integrating standard accounting factors into investment, they are less sure about approaches to integrating largely ‘intangible’ ESG factors. Research, however, has shown that investment firms create lasting shareholder value with ESG factors by developing an in-depth expertise in the area of ESG investment.

The Finance Week is jointly organised by Responsible Investor and the Centre for Responsible Banking and Finance, University of St. Andrew’s.  To register, please email

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