New Publications

Benjamin J. Richardson, Fiduciary Law and Responsible Investing: In Nature’s Trust (Routledge, April 2013)

This book is about fiduciary law’s influence on the financial economy’s environmental performance, focusing on how the law affects responsible investing and considering possible legal reforms to shift financial markets closer towards sustainability. Fiduciary law governs how trustees, fund managers or other custodians administer the investment portfolios owned by beneficiaries.

Written for a diverse audience, not just legal scholars, the book examines in a multi-jurisdictional context an array of philosophical, institutional and economic issues that have shaped the movement for responsible investing and its legal framework.  To order or for more details, please click here.


The Finance Cell of the Delhi School of Economics has released the new issue of Finshastra.  The journal carries interviews, opinion pieces and substantive papers dealing with both Indian and international issues.  The full journal can be read by clicking here.