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Congratulations. You are about to sign up to the UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment

In order to complete your registration and become a signatory, please follow the three-step process below.

Step 1

On the frequently asked questions page, read the section “Who can sign?“.

Step 2

i. Confirm your organisation’s approval of the Principles by providing the PRI Secretariat with a letter signed by your CEO (or equivalent).

The letter MUST contain:

  • a statement confirming your organisation’s approval of the Principles
  • your agreement to pay mandatory fees. Frequently asked question: “Signatory fees
  • for asset owners and investment managers, a commitment to take part in the PRI’s annual Reporting and Assessment. (A one-year optional grace period applies to new signatories). Frequently asked question: “Reporting survey
  • the category of signatory (asset owner, investment manager, professional service partner) Frequently asked question: “Who can become a signatory

ii. Provide the PRI Secretariat with your organisation’s details and contact information.

iii. You have the option also to send us:

  • an attachment of your logo for PRI’s marketing purposes (you can opt-out of this, but by providing an image, you consent for PRI to publicise to potential signatories that you are part of the Initiative)
  • if you are an investment manager or professional service partner, please add some text to your website outlining the specific services and products your organisation has to assist signatories in fulfilling their commitment to the Principles, and a link to your PRI page will be added in the Signatory list. Use of PRI’s logo is subject to the logo policy.

iv. Email the CEO letter and application form to

Step 3

The PRI Secretariat will contact you and send:

  • an official welcome letter confirming your status as a signatory
  • a welcome package including:
    – a copy of PRI’s constitution and operational framework
    – an overview of our activities and projects in progress
    – a full contact list of PRI members pertaining to your geographic area and your industry
    – an invoice for the appropriate annual membership fee
    – username and password for signatory extranet
    – a link to PRI’s logo for use on your website
  • time and date for a call with PRI Secretariat introducing the initiative (unlimited number of staff are able to join the call)