Recent Signatories

The list below shows the 20 most recent PRI signatories. Click here to see a complete list of all PRI signatories.

Ludgate Investments UK
Navigera AB Sweden
Invimit SGR Italy
Rogge Global Partners plc UK
Mulkia Investment Saudia Arabia
Turner Impact Capital, LLC USA
OHV (Oolders, Heijning & Voogelaar) Netherlands
Wavestone Capital Australia
Öhman Sweden
Fideres Partners LLP (provisional signatory) UK
Skandia Sweden
Bonnefield Canada
The Vanguard Group, Inc. USA
Longfellow Investment Management Co. USA
Equis Funds Group Singapore
ARX Equity Partners Czech Republic
Trusteam Finance France
Bencis Capital Partners Netherlands
Stichting Total Pensioenfonds Nederland Netherlands
NorthStar Asset Management, Inc. USA