Recent Signatories

The list below shows the 20 most recent PRI signatories. Click here to see a complete list of all PRI signatories.

Comic Relief UK
CFS Retail Property Trust Group Australia
Engagement International Denmark
Westfield Capital Management Company, LP USA
Northern Horizon Capital A/S Denmark
JCM Capital (provisional signatory) Canada
EDM Spain
Mazi Capital South Africa
Pegaso - Fondo pensione complementare Italy
Pacific Agri Capital Colombia
FERI AG Germany
Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings USA
Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) USA
Sustainable Investments Institute (Si2) USA
Simon Fraser University Canada
Mackenzie Investments Canada
Arabesque Asset Management Ltd UK
Greenland Financial Holdings Group China
Lane Clark & Peacock LLP UK
Rhein Asset Management (Lux) S.A. Germany