Call for applications to join PRI Association Board

There is a vacancy for an additional member of the PRI Association Board (Board) and the PRI Initiative is calling for applications from signatories interested in serving.

PRI Association Board 

The Board is the fiduciary Board of PRI Association Ltd (PRIA), the legal entity which runs PRI. The Board provides oversight of the Secretariat. It comprises at least seven directors with a majority of asset owner representatives. The PRI Advisory Council (Council) is the representative 16-person Council elected by signatories with two UN representatives, from the UN Global Compact and UNEP FI, and the appointed Council chair. It determines the long-term direction of PRI and also provides additional accountability and guidance. The asset owner representatives serving on the Council and the Council chair appoint the members of the Board. For an overview of the PRI Initiative governance framework see 
Governing the PRI Initiative and the PRI website.

Information regarding the PRI Association Board:

  • The Board is skills-based and has a broad range of relevant financial and other skills and experience. It is not intended to be representational of the general signatory base which is the task of the Council.
  • Board members are appointed by a majority vote of the asset owner representatives serving on the Council and the Council chair (the ‘Appointing Group’) based on advice from the PRI Nominations Committee – a committee of the Council – following an assessment of the skills needed.
  • Board terms are for three years and subject to an annual performance review.
  • Board members can have their positions terminated by the Appointing Group with one month’s notice.
  • The Board meets in person three to four times a year, by teleconference a further four times and such other times needed to deal with urgent issues.
  • Where a signatory organisation nominates a Board member, they are responsible for all member’s costs associated with attending Board meetings and PRI events.

Current PRI Association Board members:

  • Glen Saunders, PRI Association Board chair
  • Else Bos, CEO, PGGM
  • David Atkin, CEO, Cbus
  • David Russell, Co-Head of Responsible Investment, USS
  • Priya Mathur, Board member, CalPERS
  • Dr Wolfgang Engshuber, PRI Advisory Council chair

Applications to serve on the PRI Association Board

Currently, there is one open Board position and applications are welcomed from signatory organisations. In deciding whom to appoint, the Appointing Group will base its decision on the skills of the applicant and the skills needs of the Board taken together.

The current vacancy would be best filled by a candidate with one or more of the following attributes:

  • ability to chair an effective fiduciary Board;
  • strategic thinking and leadership;
  • governance and risk management skills.

Applications must be made by completing the PRI Association Board application form. This must be signed by both the candidate and a CEO/CIO/trustee of the nominating signatory organisation confirming the organisations’ support for the candidacy. This must be accompanied by the candidates CV and a cover letter outlining:

  • motivation for joining the Board;
  • the value and skills the candidate will bring to the Board;
  • a clear confirmation that the candidate will be able to devote the time needed to meet the demands of what can be a demanding role.

In order to be considered, the PRI Association Board application form, CV and cover letter must be received by the Returning Officer of the PRI Secretariat by 17:00 GMT on Friday 19 July 2013. 

Forms can be sent to the PRI Secretariat via:

  • Postal address: PRI Association, Bath Place Business Centre, 2 Bath Place, Rivington Street, London EC2A 3DR (For the attention of C. Sperling)
  • Email:

It is expected that a successful applicant will start in September 2013.

If you have any queries contact Christopher Sperling at the PRI Secretariat on +44 207 749 5116 or email.


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