To learn more about any of our work areas, contact a sector specialist directly using the links below. Alternatively, all general enquiries can be directed to, or to the Network Manger for your region.

Asset owner resources

Learn more about our work on investment strategy, investment policy, selecting/appointing/monitoring managers and other resources for asset owners.

Asset owners

Investor tools

Learn more about our work across asset classes.

Listed equityFixed incomeCredit ratings 

Private equityHedge fundsInfrastructure

Property, commodities and farmland

Thematic/impact investing

ESG issues

Learn about our work on specific environmental, social and governance issues.

Environmental issuesSocial issuesGovernance issues

Sustainable markets

Learn about our work on policy and regulation, our sustainable financial system programme and our academic research work.

Policy and regulationSustainable financial systemAcademic research

Sustainable Development Goals

Learn about our work helping investors to support and benefit from the Sustainable Development Goals.


PRI reporting

Learn more about the PRI reporting and assessment programme, including the PRI Data Portal.


PRI Academy

Learn more about the PRI Academy, the PRI’s industry-leading training for financial and corporate professionals on how environmental, social and governance issues impact company performance, shareholder value and investment decision-making.

PRI Academy

Partnership opportunities

Learn more about opportunities to partner with PRI, to showcase commitment, expertise and leadership in responsible investment and gain exposure to peers and potential clients through branding, hosting, networking engagements and more.

Partnernship opportunities