The Collaboration Platform (formerly the Clearinghouse) is a unique private forum that allows signatories to pool resources, share information and enhance their influence on ESG issues.

Visit the Platform

The Collaboration Platform offers a range of global engagement initiatives that involve investors engaging with listed companies, policy makers and other actors in the investment chain.

Posts to the Collaboration Platform include:

  • invitations to sign joint letters to companies;
  • proposals for in-depth research and investor guidance;
  • opportunities to join investor-company engagements on particular ESG themes;
  • calls to foster dialogue with policy makers;
  • requests for support on upcoming shareholder resolutions. 

By posting a proposal to the Collaboration Platform, signatories can invite others to join or support their initiative and access support services provided by the PRI. See here the Terms of Use for the platform.

Signatory activity in numbers

Over 500 PRI signatories have been involved in at least one collaborative initiative since the platform was launched at the end of 2006, and more than 700 collaborative proposals have been posted.