China Carbon Neutrality Week

In April 2021, The PRI hosted the China Carbon Neutrality Week, where we discussed the policy and regulatory developments and responsible investment practices needed to achieve carbon neutrality in China.

Since President Xi Jinping announced at the UN General Assembly in September 2020 that China will target carbon neutrality by 2060, low-carbon transition has become the central feature of China’s planning and development strategy. Investors are increasingly both supportive of policy action to reach net zero and ready to collaborate with policymakers to design and implement policies that drive responsible capital into the green economy. In this context, it is important for all stakeholders to identify and develop the policies and responsible investment practices needed to make it happen.

Please find below links to the recordings and presentations, where we have permission to share them.

Watch the recordings:

Day 2: English and Mandarin (slides)
Day 3: English and Mandarin (slides)


Day 1: Financing the Road to Net Zero

Time: Beijing Session


Welcome from PRI

Luo Nan, Head of China, PRI


What are the transition pathways and how much investment is needed?

Mark Carney, UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance and the UK Prime Minister’s Finance Adviser for COP26


PRI Climate Policy Briefing: Delivering Carbon Neutrality in China

Martin Skancke, Chair of the PRI board


Policy Reforms for Climate Neutrality by 2060
This session will discuss the policy reforms needed to guide key economic sectors (power, industry, transportation, buildings) to carbon neutrality by 2060. The speakers will discuss the recommendations proposed by the PRI climate policy roadmap and the necessary short-term actions to reorient investments towards a sustainable and inclusive net zero trajectory.

Ding Hui, Division Director, Department of Climate Change, Ministry of Ecology and Environment
Yang Pin, Financial Market Division Director, Research Department, People’s Bank of China
Jiang Kejun, Director of Energy Research Institute, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC)
Chen Chao, Director, China Investment Corporation (CIC) Research Institute
Liang Hong, Director, Industry and Innovation Research, Hillhouse Capital
Qi Shaozhou, Professor and Director of Climate Change and Energy Economics Study Centre of Wuhan University (CCEE)
Moderator: Luo Nan, Head of China, PRI


The PRI would like to thank Green Finance Committee of the China Society for Finance and Banking (GFC) for co-hosting this event