Deforestation as a credit risk

Date: Thursday, 4 February 2021
Time: 15:00 - 16:00 GMT 
Platform: BrightTALK

Deforestation is often discussed because of its impact on carbon dioxide emissions and soil erosion, as well as the destruction of forest habitat and displacement of indigenous communities. Instead, this webinar will look at deforestation from a credit risk perspective, by exploring how it may affect the probability of default of a debt issuer or of an issue, with various participants of the investment chain.


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 Speakers include:

  • Nneka Chike-Obi, Director, Sustainable Finance, Fitch Ratings
  • Christopher Stephan Wells, Global Head of Environmental and Social Risk, Santander
  • Peter van der Werf, Senior Engagement Specialist, Team Lead Engagement Director, Active Ownership, Robeco
  • Moderated by: Gemma James, Head of Environmental Issues and Carmen Nuzzo, Head Fixed Income, PRI