Date: Thursday, 25 July 2024
Time: 16:00 - 17:00 BST
Platform: BrightTALK
Language: English

Corporate management of human rights and social issues drive financial risks and opportunities. For example, companies can reduce their operational and legal costs by avoiding community conflicts and appropriately managing private data. They can improve company performance through diversity and inclusion measures and promote satisfaction in the workplace. Investors are also exposed to systemic risks as widening economic inequality has led to more volatile economic conditions and political polarisation, affecting global markets. Investors need meaningful data to manage these risks and opportunities. The objective of the Taskforce on Inequality and Social-related Financial Disclosures (TISFD) is to respond to this market demand and to develop a global framework for inequality and social-related issues, followed by recommendations on financial disclosures for companies and investors to communicate on impacts, dependencies, risks, and opportunities. In this webinar the steering committee working to launch TISFD in September will provide an update on:

  • Why this multi-stakeholder initiative was initiated and what it is looking to achieve;
  • The proposed governance structure, scope, and mandate;
  • Next steps leading up to the launch of the Taskforce in September; and
  • The current consultation process and other ways to engage with TISFD

The TISFD update will be followed by a panel discussion with organisations on the steering committee and a Q&A section with the audience.


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