PRI_Academic Seminar Series_Reena Aggarwal

Date: Friday, 19 April 2024
Time: 09:30-11:00 ET; 14:30-16:00 BST; 15:30-17:00 CEST; 21:30-23:00 HKT
Platform: Zoom

The PRI Academic Seminar Series invites leading ESG experts to present their research to academic scholars and investors.

The aim of the series is to:

  • enable investors to learn from cutting edge research and engage with authors directly
  • give world thought leaders in responsible investing the opportunity to present their work and obtain valuable feedback
  • provide an opportunity to junior scholars to network with the speaker and obtain career advice
  • be more inclusive and strengthen our global PRI Academic Network community throughout the year

Each session will consist of two parts:

  • Part 1: Presentation (60min interactive seminar) – open to all
  • Part 2: Network opportunity and career advice for junior scholars with speaker (30min) – open to PhD students and junior faculty

Seminar organizer: Laura Starks (Professor of Finance, University of Texas)




Join us on Friday, 19 April to hear from:

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Reena Aggarwal
Robert E. McDonough Professor of Finance McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University Director, Georgetown Psaros Center for Financial Markets and Policy
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Paper: Why do Investors Vote against Corporate Directors?
Abstract: Investors now hold directors responsible for newer issues like climate change and board diversity. Within the environment category, climate change is the only subcategory associated with voting outcome, whereas none of the social issues are relevant. Governance remains important; however, our proxy differs markedly from traditional measures. Institutional investors have begun to provide rationales for their votes to convey preferences. Dissent votes increase when they express concerns about board diversity, busyness, tenure, and independence. Female directors generally receive fewer dissent votes, except for those with a long tenure. The presence of a shareholder proposal correlates with reduced support.


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