• LOCATION: London, UK
  • BASIS: Full-time - Permanent
  • SALARY: £32,000 - £40,000
  • CLOSING DATE: 5:00pm, 31st Oct 2021 GMT

Job description

Signatories to the PRI are required to disclose their responsible investment activities each year. This is a great opportunity to join the team responsible for developing and maintaining the PRI Reporting and Assessment (R&A) Framework – the largest global reporting project in Responsible Investment (RI) for institutional investors. Full details on the R&A activities can be found here.

This role reports to the Head of Reporting & Assessment Framework and the successful candidate will be part of the team responsible for maintaining and developing the written R&A Framework, with a particular focus on the indicator-level (question-level) assessment criteria and scoring pathways through the Framework. This includes having a good understanding of the Reporting Framework content and structure, and collaborating with R&A colleagues and across PRI teams, to develop the assessment, ensuring the assessment and indicators are reflective of PRI’s mission and guidance. The candidate will be organised, detail-oriented and methodical, with a keen interest in responsible investment.

The candidate will also have the opportunity to work with asset class specific question development within the Reporting Framework in cross-collaboration with other specialist teams. Other responsibility areas include providing reporting support to investors, conducting analysis of feedback, and supporting R&A team members with other reporting-related projects.

Core Responsibilities

  • Support the team deliverables and provide regular reporting to the Head of Reporting & Assessment Framework and the Director of Reporting and Assessment, as required.
  • Support the maintenance and development of Reporting Framework modules and related assessment criteria, including collaborating and co-ordinating with PRI specialist teams.
  • Understand the logic dependencies within the Reporting Framework, and how this impacts indicator- and module-level assessment, applying this to the development of the assessment criteria.
  • Support the implementation and publishing of the written Reporting & Assessment Framework for the annual reporting cycle.
  • Maintain a robust documentation and governance process for Reporting & Assessment Framework development, including tracking changes to the Framework and Assessment methodology, maintaining good version control.
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of PRI data that feeds back into the development and improvement of the R&A Framework, working closely with the Data insights workstream.
  • Prepare R&A presentations or other outputs, both independently and in collaboration with other teams.
  • Assist with supporting signatories in reporting their RI activities – including developing support materials, responding to signatory queries on the Reporting & Assessment Framework, signatory meetings, and presentations (internally and externally).
  • Responding to signatory queries on indicator-level assessment criteria and the overall Assessment methodology, both during the annual reporting cycle and upon the release of Assessment outputs.
  • Assist with checking that the Reporting Framework content has been implemented into the reporting tool and checking that indicator-level assessment criteria has been implemented accurately.

Core Competencies

PRI expects roles at the Associate level within the organisation to demonstrate skills across the following core competencies:


  • Incorporates the fullest range of information available into analysis and decision making
  • Uses appropriate technical processes/systems to develop and evaluate options in an effective and time-efficient manner
  • Assimilates data to draws out relevant insights and findings from analyses
  • Identifies opportunities and risks to feed into decision making
  • Presents analyses in an appropriate format providing clear and concise recommendations

Business Awareness

  • Understands, and always works towards, the mission and the aims of the PRI
  • Is curious about what is happening in other parts of the PRI
  • Is Signatory centric – seeks to understand, listen and respond to Signatory needs
  • Understands own teams’ objectives and seeks to internalise them in own activities
  • Understands who does what at the PRI and uses the knowledge to complete activities


  • Approachable, credible and willing whenever engaging with colleagues
  • Actively and appropriately seeks input from others
  • Focuses on interacting with colleagues in a positive and open manner
  • Listens to what colleagues are saying, considers from different perspectives and tailor’s responses accordingly


  • Writes succinctly and clearly tailoring level of detail to the requirements of the end user
  • Communicates clearly and precisely and able to convey thinking comprehensively
  • Provides regular, clear and concise communications to manager, colleagues or other relevant people to keep updated on activities
  • Structures and prepares well-written, logical outputs with limited guidance and editing


  • Demonstrates self-awareness actively seeks feedback from others and acts upon it
  • Explores new ideas with an inquisitive mind
  • Questions the status quo and suggests new ideas
  • Seeks out opportunities to drive continuous improvements in ways of working
  • Open-minded attitude which welcomes change and new ideas


  • Prioritises and organises time effectively, focussing on the key organisational priorities
  • Develops ways of working and processes to execute and improve efficiency across the PRI
  • Methodically tackles problems, working with colleagues where necessary
  • Takes account of the needs of other colleagues and/or Signatories when considering how to execute a piece of work
  • Promotes and utilises effective project management skills

Technical Competencies & Experience

  • Strong project management skills, structured, able to manage a varied workload and deliver to strict deadlines under pressure.
  • Able to understand and solve problems logically and in a structured manner.
  • A collaborative and consultative approach to working with others, the ability to foster an inclusive working environment
  • Personable and polite, and able to deal with stakeholders with tact and diplomacy.
  • Strong attention to detail, but with the ability to see the bigger picture.
  • Ability and willingness to learn quickly and master a complex brief.
  • Excellent written communication and verbal presentation skills, and able to convey technical information to a non-technical audience.
  • IT/system skills (Microsoft Office, especially Excel).
  • Language skills, other than English, are desirable.
  • Must be eligible to work in the UK
  • Desirable competencies, but not required:
  • Degree in a relevant field such as finance, sustainability, climate change. Second degree preferred. Knowledge of environmental, social and governance issues in institutional finance.
  • Experience or affinity with the financial industry (reporting, engagement, voting, ESG incorporation).
  • Experience in qualitative and quantitative data analysis, especially in working with large datasets would be advantageous.

Please note interviews will take place week commencing 8th November 2021

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