• LOCATION: London and other locations considered
  • BASIS: Permanent
  • LEVEL: Senior specialist
  • SALARY: Competitive

Job description

The PRI’s mission statement calls for signatories to play a role in supporting a sustainable financial system by “addressing obstacles to a sustainable financial system that lie within market practices, structures and regulation”. In early 2018, the PRI established its Sustainable Financial System strategy to address to address systemic risks and sustainability challenges in the financial system.

The programme involves delivering a series of projects that result in actions that investors, policy makers and stakeholders can take to address these risks and challenges. The Senior Specialist will report to the Director of Sustainable Markets and will be responsible for delivery programmes of work, undertaking market-leading research and analysis, and engaging with signatories and financial system participants to drive change in the financial system.

Core responsibilities:

  • Work with the Director to develop a programme on work addressing market structure issues influencing the sustainability of the financial system
  • Prepare innovative research and analysis on structural changes relating to sustainability and how these impact key financial system actors, including identifying priority market structure interventions for PRI to champion
  • Programme manage a series of projects in a cross-functional setting (particularly PRI’s policy and investment practice) to implement financial system interventions
  • Initiate and lead at least one high profile market engagement project to take forward new initiatives as part of the programme
  • Prepare briefing notes and presentations for PRI’s Board, Leadership Team and the Director of Sustainability;
  • Work with PRI’s Communications and Signatory Relations teams to ensure that the outputs of all work are appropriately disseminated;
  • Provide expert advice to PRI’s Content Teams on financial system reform and change strategies
  • Provide input to the Policy team on policy reform areas that relate to SFS programme objectives

Core competencies:

PRI expects roles at a Senior Specialist within the organisation to demonstrate skills across the following core competencies:


  • Looks for opportunities to add value by sharing specialist knowledge and insights
  • Broadens the view to consider all possible options even if they initially seem unlikely solutions
  • Can effectively capture and structure ill-defined or vague problems and is comfortable handling uncertainty (in own work and that of team members)
  • Considers examples outside of the PRI in offering alternative solutions or guidance

Business awareness

  • Demonstrates an understanding of the business, including its finances, mission and its culture
  • Identifies and utilises key relationships (both internal and external) for successful execution of project or piece of work
  • Knows when and how to challenge senior managers
  • Applies industry knowledge and understanding of external influences, coupled with an appreciation of PRI mission and strategy to inform decisions


  • Demonstrates ability to build good working relationships at all levels
  • Drives collaboration within projects or work programmes to deliver high quality outputs
  • Aligns expectations with senior managers to reach agreement
  • Promotes knowledge sharing across the organisation
  • Flexes style and approach based on colleagues’ level of understanding and preferences


  • Independently delivers well-structured, logical outputs that deliver maximum impact with minimum editing
  • Presents advice or recommendations within the context of the recipient’s area of focus to gain buy-in
  • Improves the knowledge of senior managers by making complex specialist principles easy to understand
  • Appreciates the impact of their communication on others, modifying behaviour and communication style to work in different situations


  • Shares specialist knowledge openly with others, creating opportunities for others to learn, grow and succeed
  • Builds an environment within the PRI which values forward thinking, creative solutions and innovation
  • Is active in specialist networks as a means of furthering own knowledge and applying at the PRI
  • Uses good questioning skills in a way that causes others to think about their approach


  • Prioritises where contributes own time based on the value it would deliver
  • Uses project management and oversight of individual work processes to improve organisational performance
  • Continuously monitors external developments to incorporate into own work activities
  • Translates project objectives into own work plans

Technical competencies & experience:

  • Strong programme and project management skills, including experience in designing and delivering projects to tight deadlines, including managing conflicting priorities, managing self and liaising with others effectively in order to do so.
  • A collaborative and consultative approach to working with other teams
  • Outstanding analytical and research skills. Solves problems in a structured and rigorous way;
  • Outstanding communication skills, including the ability to write clear, concise and engaging content and present to senior audiences;
  • Previous experience in consulting, organisational design or policy implementation preferable, including projects relevant to responsible investment;
  • Strong understanding of investment practice, the structure and operation of the investment chain, and of policy and regulatory issues relating to sustainable financial markets and the incorporation of ESG factors into investments;
  • Education in economics, finance, public policy, or natural sciences is highly desirable;
  • Experience of working internationally;
  • A philosophical commitment to ESG/RI and the goals of the United Nations.
  • The eligibility to work in the UK or EU

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