Implementing the TCFD recommendations

Supported by over 500 institutions and companies, the FSB Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) provides a common disclosure framework for making climate risks and opportunities more transparent.

As of January 2019, over 10 governments and financial regulators have endorsed it or have active consultations on incorporating the TCFD recommendations into existing disclosure regulation. The recommendations have also been incorporated into the PRI’s Reporting Framework.

Resources for PRI climate risk indicators 

To support investors’ disclosure through the TCFD framework, the PRI has developed practical guidance on tackling the key challenges investors are facing in Implementing the TCFD Recommendations.

The 2019 PRI climate risk indicators, which are aligned with the TCFD recommendations, are available with guidance notes here. The indicators are voluntary and a non-assessed part of the PRI Reporting Framework. To help signatories prepare their responses, this page provides an overview of resources.

PRI and external reports

Climate scenario analysis

  • Directory of climate scenario tools: Free-to-use and commercially available climate scenario tools can help make it easier for investors to implement a key recommendation of the TCFD – scenario planning.
  • Table of reference climate scenarios: PRI Reporting Framework Indicator SG 13.8CC invites signatories to select which climate reference scenarios they use from a list. 

PRI signatory reporting on the 2018 climate indicators

  • Climate snapshot report: analysis of investors’ response to the PRI 2018 climate risk indicators.
  • Data portal: searchable database of over 100 public investor responses the 2018 climate risk indicators.