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    Fiduciary duty in the 21st century: Germany roadmap


    As a step towards implementing Fiduciary duty in the 21st century ’s recommendations, the Germany roadmap sets out recommendations based on four priority themes: government leadership, institutional investors, fund managers and implementation of the CSR directive.

  • A practical guide to ESG integration for equity investing

    A practical guide to ESG integration for equity investing


    To guide investors – both asset owners and investment managers – who are implementing ESG integration techniques in their investment decisions and processes, this report is the most comprehensive description to date of what ESG-integrated analysis is, and how it works in practice.

  • The ESG integration model

    ESG integration techniques for equity investing


    ESG factors can be integrated throughout a listed equity portfolio, right across the active-to-passive spectrum.

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    ESG integration in fundamental strategies


    When integrating ESG factors into investment analysis, they are examined alongside other valuation drivers. It has been more common to process ESG factors through qualitative analysis, but investors are increasingly also quantifying and integrating ESG factors into financial forecasting and company

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    ESG integration in quantitative strategies


    ESG integration has historically only been associated with fundamental strategies, but this perception is slowly changing as several quant managers are now integrating ESG factors into their valuation models and investment decisions.

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    ESG integration in smart beta strategies


    In smart beta strategies, ESG factors and scores can be used as a weight in portfolio construction to create excess risk-adjusted returns, reduce downside risk and/or enhance portfolios’ ESG risk profile.

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    ESG integration in passive and enhanced passive strategies


    Some investors believe that as a manager cannot make active investment decisions in passive strategies, ESG factors cannot be integrated in passive investments as this may cause performance to deviate from the benchmark’s. Passive strategies can incorporate ESG factors, however.

  • Oddo extended balance sheet

    ESG integration in sell-side equities research


    Sell-side brokers integrate ESG information with traditional financial information – by leveraging their financial information systems, their access to company management, and the expertise of mainstream, sector-focused investment analysts – to improve research.

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    Assessing external managers' approach to ESG integration


    To integrate ESG considerations into their externally managed assets, asset owners (or their investment consultants) will assess external managers’ integration practices.

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    Considering ESG integration in manager selection


    Selecting an investment manager that can act in accordance with an asset owner’s investment preferences requires thorough due diligence of the manager’s investment approach and performance, investment process, stock selection and portfolio construction decisions.