Sustainable Financial System programme: Briefing for Australian signatories - Sydney


Following the launch of our 10-year Responsible Investment Blueprint, the PRI will be hosting briefings in Melbourne and Sydney with Nathan Fabian, Director of Policy & Research, on our Sustainable Financial System (SFS) work programme. 

These events will provide an opportunity for signatories and stakeholders to learn more about the work programme, what it means for the Australian market, and most importantly, how signatories can get involved in current and future projects. 

Our Blueprint outlines how we plan to achieve our mission over the next decade. Incorporating ESG factors into investment practices remains central to our work, but this alone is not enough to achieve a sustainable financial system. Our SFS work is part of the Blueprint – by working on the system, we can better enable ESG integration and encourage investment that contributes to a prosperous world for all. 

Click here to find out more about the SFS programme or contact Morgan Slebos

To request a place at this event, please email Matthew McAdam.

The PRI would like to thank AMP Capital for hosting this event.




AMP Capital
50 Bridge Street
    Sydney NSW 2000


03 Nov 2017 12:30 PM - 02:30 PM (AEDT)

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