Date: Thursday 28 March
Time: 16:00pm - 17:00pm GMT

Join the PRI for a webinar exploring the role of forestry and its role in the fight against climate change, with a particular focus on how emissions trading schemes can provide opportunities to forestry investors and managers to make market returns while also generating positive environmental impact.

Among other topics, we’ll seek to explore:

  • Why and how forestry (and deforestation) can be such an important element in the climate change puzzle
  • The workings of the California cap-and-trade programme, and the role that forest carbon projects play within it
  • How forestry investors and managers have sought to develop projects that meet the requirements of the programme


  • Danielle Carreira, Senior Manager, Environmental Issues, PRI
  • Jason Gray, Chief, Climate Change Program Evaluation Branch, California Air Resources Board
  • Brian Shillinglaw, Executive Director, New Forests US


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