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Date: Wednesday, 27 May 2020
Time: 02:00pm BST 

As part of our 10-year Blueprint for responsible investment – looking at how to take responsible investment forward over the next decade – we committed to undertake an extensive review of our Reporting Framework. This includes the reporting indicators themselves, our assessment methodology, the reporting outputs and the platforms to support this.  

The Reporting Framework review began with a first consultation phase in 2019. We have now completed a second consultation phase, where signatories had the opportunity to indicate their level of support for the proposal of what a new Reporting and Assessment framework could look like. The proposal was heavily based on signatory feedback during the first consultation phase, with oversight from the PRI Board and support from the Reporting and Assessment Advisory Committee. 

As part of our continued engagement with signatories to create a robust new Reporting Framework, we invite you to join one of our webinars with the PRI’s CEO, Fiona Reynolds to hear more about how PRI Reporting is evolving. Fiona will be addressing important points raised in the second consultation, test the developments made in the Framework through polling questions, and engage with signatories via a Q&A session. 

Upon registration, you will have an opportunity to include any questions you already have about the Reporting Framework review, which we will strive to answer throughout the webinar.


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This webinar will:

  • serve as an update on the overall Reporting and Assessment review;
  • outline the results from the second consultation phase and how these findings are being incorporated into the development of the Framework; 
  • provide more detail on the Core/Plus model; 
  • test the ideas through polling questions; and
  • answer any questions the audience might have on the development of the new Reporting Framework

Fiona Reynolds, CEO, PRI Association 


If you are unable to join the webinar on this date, we have additional dates which may be more suitable for you: