The Inevitable Policy Response- webinar banner

Date: Thursday, 11 June 2020
Time: 3:00pm BST 

PRI and Vivid Economics present the latest outputs from the pioneering project the Inevitable Policy Response – focussing on the value of nature-based solutions and the opportunities for global investors.

  • An inevitable policy response to climate change will increase the breadth and ambition of forest policy, with enormous growth potential for nature-based solutions.
  • This large-scale climate forestry effort will involve massive increases in finance, ramped up rapidly across multiple regions.
  • Forest-based carbon stocks can generate nearly US$7.7 trillion in net present value through to 2050, increasingly relying on private sector financing mechanisms delivered through novel business models.
  • Investors will need to move early and support market development over the near-term in order to position themselves to take advantage of large medium and long term opportunities.


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Speakers include:

  • Thomas Kansy, Director, Vivid Economics
  • Jeanett Bergan, Head of Responsible Investment, KLP Asset Management
  • Gemma James, Head of Environmental Issues, PRI
  • Moderated by: Sagarika Chatterjee, Director of Climate Change, PRI