As a step towards implementing Fiduciary duty in the 21st century’s recommendations, the Ohio roadmap sets out recommendations in four categories: treasurer offices, universities, public pension funds and climate change coalitions. 

Treasurer offices

The Ohio State Treasurer and Treasurers of major metropolitan areas should publish responsible investment policies that include consideration of ESG factors.


Ohio public institutes of higher education, including the Ohio State University and Ohio University, should establish new, and support existing, ESG programs, including:

    • Creating responsible investment policies for endowments.
    • Establishing programs that embed ESG into investment education for the next generation of responsible investors.

Public pension funds

Public pension funds, and corporate pension funds, should integrate ESG factors into their decision-making, including:

    • Establishing policies that integrate ESG into all fund options.
    • Signing the PRI, or making equivalent public commitments to responsible investment and stewardship principles (if have not already done so).
    • Ensuring trustees have a proper understanding of what ESG is and what it is not.

Climate change coalitions

Mayors should join Climate Mayors and local entities should join We Are Still In. These coalitions aim to to hold climate warming to well below 2ºC, to help transition to a clean energy economy, and protect investment portfolios from associated material risk.

Produced in collaboration with UNEP FI and Generation Foundation

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