Options for action in Singapore

Increase sovereign funds’ ESG focus

Lead by example through the actions of Temasek and GIC on ESG integration.

Explore national regulatory clarification

The government could investigate amending the Securities and Futures Regulations (Licensing and Conduct of Business) to require all investment managers and relevant intermediaries to take account of ESG issues, encourage high standards in investee companies and report on how they are doing so.

Introduce a stewardship code and monitor stewardship outcomes

The Monetary Authority of Singapore could continue to work with the investment industry to introduce a code setting out institutional investors’ stewardship responsibilities and to monitor stewardship outcomes.

Enhance corporate disclosure

The Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) should continue its plans to have all listed companies produce sustainability reports.

Support research

The government and the investment industry could work together to support high-quality academic research into ESG issues.

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