Principle 5 states, ‘We will work together to enhance our effectiveness in implementing the Principles’

Principle 5 means collaborating with other PRI signatories and stakeholders on common goals, both through the PRI and other industry initiatives. Some of the ways investors can implement Principle 5 are outlined below.

  • Industry initiatives. Support and participate in industry initiatives on sharing knowledge and tools, pooling resources, reporting and harmonising responsible investment practice. Examples include the PRI, GRESB Infrastructure and the Long-Term Infrastructure Investors Association. Encourage infrastructure investor, asset management, pension fund and private equity associations to expand their reach to responsible investment practices in infrastructure.
  • Collective action. Join forces to address relevant emerging ESG issues.
  • Rating tools. Make use of asset sustainability rating tools such as IS Rating and Envision Standards.
  • Co-investors and lenders. Share your ESG integration activities with other investors in your assets.

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    Primer on responsible investment in infrastructure

    January 2018