The PRI is inviting its signatories to contribute directly to the strategy and execution of its infrastructure programme. 

The PRI’s Investment Practices team takes an asset class-specific approach to support signatories’ implementation of the six Principles. Each programme is supported by a signatory-led advisory committee which helps the PRI create and implement strategies for: outreach and industry engagement; clarification on how ESG relates to risks and opportunities; highlighting examples of best practices; and supporting the implementation of the six Principles. 

Please review the PRI Infrastructure Advisory Committee (IAC) Terms of Reference for an overview of the members’ roles and commitments. Membership is refreshed periodically, in line with PRI’s governance rules, and the PRI does its best to maintain a fair representation of the PRI infrastructure signatory base in the IAC. 

Participation requirements: 

  • Available to start from January 2023; 
  • Four committee meetings per year; 
  • Preparation, contributions, and follow-up actions for committee meetings; and 
  • Additional involvement in workstreams (e.g., voluntary contributions to working groups, producing case studies or research, speaking on event panels or webinars, engaging media). 

IAC Members: 

  • Should be employed at a PRI signatory; 
  • Should be relatively senior within their organisation; 
  • Should add to the broad and diverse range of skills, backgrounds and expertise that exists within the IAC; and 
  • Should ideally have demonstrated proactive interest/a history of activity with the PRI infrastructure programme and/or leadership on responsible investment in infrastructure investing.

To apply for the Infrastructure Advisory Committee, PRI signatories should complete this application form by Friday, 28th October 2022. 

For questions about PRI’s infrastructure workstream and advisory committee, please contact