UNEP-FI Investor Briefing: PORTFOLIO CARBON, Measuring, disclosing and
managing the carbon intensity of investments and investment portfolios (July 2013).

Montreal Carbon Pledge: Accelerating investor climate disclosure, produced by Novethic in partnership with the PRI (September 2016).

Final Report: Recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (June 2017).

Investor Action on Climate: A PRI-Novethic Assessment of global investor practices (September 2017).

Climate events

On 13 November 2014, Bloomberg hosted a webinar on Portfolio Carbon Risks. To listen to the replay one has to register here and then will be emailed a replay link.

Service Providers

The following organisations carry out portfolio carbon footprinting services. Many have agreed to provide a discount to signatories of the Montreal Carbon Pledge upon request
Online Portfolio Carbon Footprint

South Pole
Bespoke Investment Carbon Footprints and Investment Climate Impact Assessments

Portfolio Carbon Footprint

Carbon Emissions Data Integrated into Comprehensive Portfolio Analytics

MSCI ESG Research
Tools for understanding portfolio exposure to carbon asset risk and implementing fossil fuel free and low carbon investment strategies

Vigeo Eiris
Climate Change Toolkit

ET Index
Carbon Footprint Analysis

Carbone 4
Carbon Footprint Analysis

Carbon Risk Rating, Fossil Fuel Screening, Carbon Risk Portfolio Analysis

Low Carbon Investment Indices

The listing of service providers above does not represent an endorsement by the PRI or its partners and investors should carry out their own due diligence on their products and services.