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Launched in 2009 as the South African Network, the Network has since grown to include signatories in neighbouring countries, where there is growing in interest in responsible investment.



PRI Southern Africa Network currently recruiting new members of the PRI Southern Africa Network Advisory Committee and the Awareness-Raising and Recruitment Working Group. Please contact adrian.bertrand@unpri.org should you be interested in making yourself available to serve on one of these local committees.

PRI Southern Africa Network is coordinating an investor response to the draft King IV Governance Code currently out for public comment in South Africa.

The Africa Network is open to signatories throughout the continent, but remains most mature in Southern countries, particularly South Africa, promoting responsible investment and the PRI amongst pension funds, investment managers and other industry stakeholders. The Network represents the PRI at most industry conferences in Southern Africa, and enjoys a strong working relationship with South African industry bodies including BATESTA, ASISA, CRISA and the FSB. It is working on trustee training and implementation support for pension funds.


Advisory Committee:    
Senior investment professionals representing signatories from the region guide the Network. Chaired by GEPF.

Awareness and recruitment:    
Assists the PRI in raising awareness of both responsible investment and the PRI across Southern Africa. Chaired by Futuregrowth Asset Management.