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The Canada Network is one of the PRI’s fastest growing and most autonomous Networks. It includes the Quebec Network, which serves French-speaking signatories in the province, and emerging local networks of practitioners in Toronto and West Coast North America.



Toronto RI Working Group is engaging with the CFA Society Toronto Chapter by asking them to increase the depth of ESG-related content in both the CFA Program and CFA Continuous Education Program. The letter submitted on May 25 is available here, and we would like to thank all supporting investors. For any questions please contact Yulia Sofronova.

PRI supports local signatories’ efforts to engage with their peers in Toronto, Quebec and west coast North America to promote responsible investment through its collaboration with Responsible Investment Association (RIA) and its involvement on Steering Committees for Toronto and west coast North America. 


Quebec Network Advisory Committee: 
Collaborates with the PRI to determine the long-term vision of the Network. Chaired by Bâtirente.

Quebec Network Recruitment Working Group:   
In collaboration with the PRI drives the strategy for raising awareness or the PRI and RI in Quebec. 

Quebec Network Events:
Identifies industry trends to suggest learning opportunities for signatories through events and takes the responsibly of planning and executing these activities.

Toronto RI Working Group Steering Committee: 
In collaboration with RIA and PRI the group identifies and brings forward the opportunities for local investors for knowledge sharing and education. ESG integration, Engagement on Climate Change, and Transparency and Accountability work streams have been established to support the local investor needs. Co-chaired by AGF Investment and Addenda Capital.  

West Coast North America Steering Committee: 
Driven by the group of PRI signatories from western North America, to enhance dialogue amongst peers, share information and ideas.